HodgePodge – About this Series

by Nikki

It must have been spring 1991 or maybe the previous fall – senior year at my Arizona high school. I remember sitting in a classroom at my desk, which was positioned on the side of a large “U” seating pattern. The rest of the memory is pretty fuzzy, except for the light bulb moment.

My mind was wandering, so it must have been a math class. I was daydreaming about what I should do for a living after high school. Archaeology or anthropology? Nope, couldn’t hack the math. French? I loved it but I would have hated to specialize in just one thing.

And then it hit me – why should I have to pick one thing? So many topics and aspects of the world were fascinating that I couldn’t imagine sticking to one forever. My attention span wouldn’t allow it. But what type of career would allow me to explore an array of interests?

Journalism. That was it. I knew I enjoyed writing. And what little I must have known about journalism at the time did include an idea that they could become mini-experts in 1,000 different topics.

From that point on, I never wavered about what I’d major in and I got a journalism degree from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University.

All these years later, I haven’t changed. The world has millions of shiny objects to distract me with renewed interest in every aspect of life. Sometimes I wish I was one of those single-minded people with a consuming devotion to one topic. It seems appealing to mine the depths of a subject and get lost in the intricacies. But I know it wouldn’t suit me long term. I’ve got to flit from one thing to another – it’s just me.

This series of posts – HodgePodge – is just that. This is where I’d like to explore anything that doesn’t fit within the other topics on this blog. French and France. Mosaics. Film festivals and movie sets and screenwriting. Anything. Everything. Will you indulge me?